A collection of our latest corporate publications, including our annual reports and statements of intent.

CAA briefing

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March 2020

Annual reports

The Annual Report reviews a single year against the documents that provide the focus for the work of the ‘Authority’. Those documents are the Statement of Intent, Statement of Performance Expectations and the Safety and Security Focus Area Work Programme.

Among other information, Annual Reports outline, for each particular year, the Authority’s financial highlights, its organisational ‘health’ and capability, and its performance in working towards its goals, initiatives, and challenges.

Statements of Intent

Statements of Intent outline, ahead of time, where the focus of the ‘Authority’ (comprising the Civil Aviation Authority and the Aviation Security Service) will be, on which activities, and how it will do that over a certain period of time.

Statements of Performance Expectations

Statements of Performance Expectations outline the Authority’s expected performance in meeting the strategic direction set out in the Statement of Intent for a single year. It describes the ‘outputs’ of the Authority – that is, our core work – and the standards against which we will assess our success in carrying out that core work.

Safety and Security Focus Area Work Programme

These reports describe the areas the Authority will focus on over a given period. The ‘focus areas’ are those causing the Authority the most concern in terms of risk to aviation safety. The focus areas are fluid. They’ll change over time as risks are mitigated, and other issues emerge in their place.

Regulatory Investigations Annual Report

The CAA’s Regulatory Investigations Unit conducts investigations to identify failures in the aviation system and make recommendations on further action. The unit completes an annual report of its activities, to provide transparency surrounding its actions taken in the public interest.

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