Updated information for non-scheduled international flight operators, from the New Zealand Government.

Updated 25 Feb 2022

From 11.59pm on 27 February 2022, non-scheduled international flights will be permitted to enter New Zealand for passengers who are eligible under the quarantine-free and the self-isolation pathways. As the Prime Minister announced on 3 February 2022, this begins with fully vaccinated New Zealanders and other currently eligible travellers from Australia.

Step 2 will commence at 11.59pm on 13 March 2022 and this will allow NZ citizens and permanent residents from the rest of the world to travel to New Zealand. More details on who is eligible at each step can be found here(external link).

Before departure, all non-scheduled international flights will be required to notify Customs that all passengers have met the Health requirements to enter New Zealand. These requirements include:

  • evidence of a negative Pre-Departure Test;
  • evidence of being fully vaccinated; and
  • a declaration about travel history for 14 days before departure.

Operators will also be required to provide Customs with detailed information on traveller identify and flight information, at least 3 hours before departure.

Customs COVID-19 requirements for operators for non-scheduled flights and private flights(external link)

All international flights entering NZ will be required to land at Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch airports. Due to the current complexities in passenger processing, non-scheduled flights from overseas will not be permitted to land at Queenstown airport, as the first point of arrival. Initially, they will need to land and be processed at one of the three other airports before flying to Queenstown.

Once the New Zealand Traveller Declaration (NZTD) is in place, international non-scheduled flights will be permitted to land in Queenstown. The NZTD is scheduled to be implemented by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

All international flights entering NZ must do so in accordance with the latest version of the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Air Border) Order (No 2) 2020(external link).

Further information for airlines and carriers will be provided in updated guidance material, which is to be release in due course.