Published date: 12 September 2022

Aircraft Registration have an online payment portal launching this Wednesday.

Applicants will be able to pay online(external link) for:

  • Aircraft registration
  • Change of possession
  • Irrevocable de-registration and export request authorisation (commonly known as “IDERA”)
  • Reservation/changing of registration mark.

The CAA will only accept the latest revision of forms. Please ensure you are submitting the latest revision available on the CAA website and that you have completed the application form in full, including any required supporting documents. Previous form revisions, and incomplete submissions, will not be accepted by the Aircraft Registration team and you will be asked to submit the latest revision, which will cause delays in processing your application.

At this time, the annual registration fee and participation levy cannot be paid through the online payment portal. This is a more complicated financial system to automate and we did not want to delay the other services being available.

New form revisions:

The following forms will be updated with the payment portal information and associated fees. They will be added to the website alongside the release of the payment portal:

  • 24047-01 – Application for Registration of an Aircraft
  • 24047-03 – Notice of Change of Possession of Aircraft
  • 24047-03A – Notice of Change of Possession of Aircraft (Relinquishing party (Seller) unavailable)
  • 24047-09A - Irrevocable de-registration and export request authorisation (IDERA) - Section 109 of the Civil Aviation Act 1990
  • 24047-14 - Application to Change the Registration Mark of a New Zealand Registered Aircraft

If you have any questions or queries, please contact