Published date: 18 July 2023

As the Women’s FIFA World Cup starts on 20 July, we want to help you become match-fit for airport security screening. Get to the airport with time to spare.

Whether you’re a debutant or a seasoned veteran, it’s helpful if you review the pre-match game plan to avoid overtime.

Game plan strategy

Match: Airport security

Goal: Arrive early and prepared

State of play: Cool, calm, and collected

Details for success:

  • Batteries are a common red card - AvSec removes more than 190,000 batteries from passengers’ luggage. All spare or loose batteries need to be packed in carry-on luggage and be sealed or packaged appropriately.

  • Carry-on vs checked-in luggage – if you’re not sure where to store your items, visit our passenger information section, it’ll help you brush up on your travel skills.

    Tip: Be sure to pack the half-time orange knife in checked-in luggage, unless the ‘sharp’ element of the item is shorter than six centimetres.

  • Items to be removed at the screening point – empty your pockets, remove any laptops, take off jackets, and remove shoes that sit above the ankle.

  • Match stats – Aviation Security can anticipate peak times based on expected passenger numbers. Check it out before you fly. It shows the expected peak times for the next five days, to support you and your travel plans.

  • Domestic vs international restrictions - If you’re travelling internationally with a post-match deodorant top-up, check the restrictions on powders, liquids, aerosols, and gels.

  • Match assistants are on hand to help you with the rules – keep an eye out for them in bright orange shirts.

Thanks for being match ready! The more prepared you are, the easier your screening experience will be. We’re doing our best to avoid overtime and our staff are here to help you – if you do find yourself in a queue, please don’t take it out on the ref!

You can check out all the rules here