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Emergency Airworthiness Directives

EC 120 B helicopters, all serial numbers - effective 01 November 2019

The initial inspection of the tail rotor hub body on EC 120 B helicopters mandated by EASA AD 2019-0272-E must be accomplished by an aircraft maintenance engineer.

The repetitive inspection per mandatory action (1) in EASA AD 2019-0272-E, which is required at intervals not to exceed 15 flight hours or 7 days, whichever occurs first, may be accomplished by adding the inspection requirement to the helicopter tech log. The visual inspection may be performed and certified under the provision in Part 43 Appendix A.1 (7) by the holder of a current pilot licence, if that person is rated on the aircraft, appropriately trained and authorised (Part 43, Subpart B refers), and the maintenance is recorded and certified as required by Part 43.

If any cracks are found, then an aircraft engineer must accomplish the corrective actions per the EASA AD 2019-0272-E before further flight.

Rotax 912 iSc2 Sport, 912 iSc3 Sport and Rotax 915 iSc3 A engines, all S/N fitted with fuel pump assemblies P/N 889696 (part of assembly P/N 889697), or P/N 889698 (part of assembly P/N 889699) with a S/N from 180500 through to 192699 inclusive.

AS 350 B3 helicopters, all serial numbers (s/n), if equipped with a SAFRAN Helicopter Engines (SAFRAN) ARRIEL 2D engine, having accumulated (on the effective date of this AD) less than 300 flight hours (FH) since first flight, and
EC 130 T2 helicopters, all s/n, having accumulated (on the effective date of this AD) less than 300 FH since first flight.

Bell 412, 412CF and 412EP helicopters fitted with an engine oil check valve P/N 209-062-520-001, or a fuel check valve P/N 209-062-607-001 manufactured by Circor Aerospace, marked “Circle Seal” and with a manufacturing date code of “10/11” (October 2011) through to “03/15” (March 2015), except a check valve marked “TQL” next to the manufacturing date code.

Model 369A, 369D, 369E, 369FF, 369H, 369HE, 369HM, 369HS, 500N and 600N helicopters, fitted with a main rotor blade (MRB) P/N 369A1100, 369D21100, 369D21102, 369D21120, 369D21121, 369D21123, 500P2100 or 500P2300, all dash numbers.

Rotax 912 iSc2 Sport, 912 iSc3 Sport and 915 iSc3 A engines, all S/N.

These engines are known to be installed on, but not limited to, various general aviation aeroplane types and models. The installation of these engines was either done by the respective aeroplane manufacturer, or through modification of the aircraft by Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).