Restricted airspaces are in place for Auckland drone users during the America's Cup(external link) World Series. Restrictions apply over water on race days, and the America's Cup village is a no-fly zone at all times.

The Airshare(external link) app will include the restricted airspace closer to race days. Drone users should register(external link) any drone flights outside restricted airspace on the Airshare app.

The official broadcaster has granted access to restricted airspace for some drones to film during the races. You may see them flying on race days over the race courses.

The series is comprised of the Christmas Cup 17–20 Dec 2020, the Prada Cup challenger selection series 15 Jan – 22 Feb 2021 and the 36th America’s Cup Match 6–21 March 2021.

If in doubt, don’t fly.

The CAA will be teaming up with NZ Police to enforce compliance with Civil Aviation Rules. Any breach of those rules by drone users may incur a fine.

America's Cup restricted airspace