Last updated: February 2016

4.1 Introduction

Under section 27G of the Civil Aviation Act, 1990(external link) (the Act) the Director may, by notice in the Gazette, issue general directions in relation to:

  1. conducting examinations of applicants and licence holders, and reporting the results of those examinations to the Director; and
  2. providing exceptions for temporary medical conditions to the reporting
    requirements set out in section 27C, refer to - Changes in Medical Condition / Suspension process; and
  3. specifying the requirements of examinations or other clinical matters, which must be reasonable, including, but not limited to:
    • the medical content of examinations:
    • the interpretation and analysis of results of examinations:
    • the significance of results of examinations for the purpose of determining whether or not an applicant is eligible for a medical certificate under section 27B.

General Directions (GDs) issued in relation to matters specified under a. and c. must be incorporated in a medical manual issued by the Director.

This part contains links to the current GDs. Medical examiners are reminded that GDs are legislation and must be complied with.

4.2 Links to General Directions

Examination procedures [PDF 1.6 MB]

Timetable for routine examinations [PDF 500 KB]

Colour vision deficiency [PDF 798 KB]

Temporary medical conditions [PDF 325 KB]

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