Fatigue management(external link)

Fatigue Management 2015 Scientific Support Brief(external link)

A review of the case for change: Scientific support for CAO 48.1 Instrument 2013

Civil Aviation Order 48.1 Instrument 2013(external link)

Regulation that outlines the requirements for acclimatisation and fatigue management for flight crew members.

Civil Aviation Advisory Publications (CAAPs)(external link)

See CAAP 48-01 Fatigue Management for Flight Crew Members Guidance on meeting the AOC holder and flight crew member (FCM) obligations in relation to fatigue management, required under CAO 48.1.


Comment Response Documents (CRDs)(external link)

See CRD 2010-14 Scientific assessment in response to Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) 2010-14 on flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements for commercial air transport (CAT) with aeroplanes (pages 105 to 195).

Scientific and Medical Evaluation of Flight Time Limitations(external link)


Legal interpretation of 14 CFR Part 135(external link)

Legal interpretation of 14 CFR Part 135 and rest rules, in particular the distinction between 'on call' and rest periods.

Documents associated with 14 CFR Part 117(external link)

Issued by the FAA in connection with the flight, duty, and rest regulations codified at 14 CFR Part 117.

Advisory circulars and guides associated with 14 CFR Part 117(external link)

Notice of final rule - Amendments to 14 CFR Parts 117, 119, and 121, amending the existing flight, duty and rest regulations applicable to certificate holders and their flight crew members.

Aerospace Medicine Technical Reports: 07/21 Flight Attendant Fatigue(external link)

The report contains a literature review on fatigue as potentially experienced by flight attendants, an evaluation of currently used (actual vs scheduled) flight attendant duty schedules, and a comparison of these schedules to the current CFRs. The report additionally reviews fatigue-related incident/accident information from the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) and the NTSB database.

Fatigue Risk Management(external link)

Fatigue information that applies to aviation maintenance personnel. This is the result of a multi-disciplinary expert work group, which investigated the issues associated with human fatigue in maintenance and the practical science-based methods that can be used to manage fatigue risk.

Hong Kong CAD

Flight Standards - CAD 371 - The Avoidance of Fatigue in Aircrews (2nd Edition, May 2010)(external link)

Standard provisions on which Hong Kong operators’ “Approved Flight Time Limitation Schemes” are to be based (applicable to cabin crew as well).

Singapore CAAS

Aircraft Operations - Air Operator Certificate Requirements (Issue 3, Rev 27, 09 Feb 2015)(external link)

Refer to Appendix C – "Fatigue Risk Management for Flight Crew and Cabin Crew"

Transport Canada

Fatigue Risk Management System for Canadian Aviation - FRMS Toolbox(external link)


NPA No. 25/2014 CAR PART IV CAR-OPS1 - Commercial & Private Air Transport (Aeroplanes)(external link)

The GCAA has recently conducted a review of CAR-OPS 1 Regulation on the basis of ICAO Annex 6 Part 1 SARPS, Alignment with EASA and international standard practices. See in particular subpart Q and note on page 290: unless otherwise notified, this regulator uses CAA UK CAP 371 as a basis for UAE regulatory consideration of operator fatigue management schemes. Some of the material in subpart Q comes directly from the ICAO guidance material.


CAP 371: Avoidance of Fatigue in Air Crews (4th Edition, 16 Jan 2004)(external link)

Guide to the requirements of the regulations that set a work pattern for flight crews and cabin staff designed to prevent the onset of fatigue, and yet allow an operator to pursue business interests.

EASA Flight Time Limitations(external link)

Information page to provide UK operators with the regulations, guidance, Q&A, and audit requirements for the new EASA FTL regulations. The ‘More information’ tab provides further guidance materials and supporting documents, including presentations that were made to industry during seminars and workshops.

CAP 716: Aviation Maintenance Human Factors (EASA Part-145)(external link)

Guidance Material on the UK CAA Interpretation of Part-145 Human Factors and Error Management Requirements. Refer Appendix P Working Time Requirements and Guidelines that includes recommendations for “good practice” from the report CAAP 2002/06 "Work Hours of Aircraft Maintenance Personnel" (March 2003). This work was carried out by Professor Simon Folkard, on behalf of the CAA.