CAA Health and Safety Unit

Fatigue fact sheet [PDF 396 KB]

Defence Aviation Air Force Safety

Defence Aviation Air Force Safety Fatigue Risk Management Chart [PDF 206 KB]

Fatigue Risk Assessment Methodologies, by Kristjof Tritschler(external link)

The Fatigue Factor Assessment and Mitigation Table is proposed as a fatigue-specific risk assessment methodology for a particular duty or work pattern. This methodology is based on internal scientific studies, relevant scientific literature, internal surveys and FRMS experience. The methodology starts by identifying the root causes of fatigue and provides effective mitigation measures.

Joint Helicopter Command

JHC Commanders' Guide to Fatigue Management [PDF 913 KB]

TNO Defensie en Veiligheid

TNO Report SB-2007-C362: Extension of flying duty period by in-flight relief(external link)