Some types of gas cylinders or cartridges can’t be taken onto planes because there are risks with them exploding or catching fire harming people and property. It’s not safe to take them on the plane - they’re ‘restricted from carriage’.

Avsec x-ray bags going on planes to make sure there is nothing dangerous in them. If something comes up on the x-ray that needs checking, the bag will be opened and searched.

What about camp cookers?

The non-re-usable fuel cylinder from your camp cooker or portable stove cannot go on the plane.

Make your camp cooker safe to travel:

  • Remove non-re-usable fuel [gas, liquid] cylinders. Leave them behind.
  • Make sure the cooker does not contain any free liquid
  • Ensure any re-usable fuel cylinders [e.g. MSR Whisperlite] are completely free of any liquid.

You must obtain approval from your airline before you can carry camp cookers and re-usable fuel cylinders onto a plane.

Pack the cooker in your check-in luggage.

Contact your airline if you are carrying any items that contain gas cylinders that are not covered in the following table:

Items with gas cylinders



Carry-on bag

Check-in bag 

 Portable cookers gas cylinders 1

Butane and other flammable gas must not be taken on the plane. Butane is used as fuel for tools including blowtorches.

Nitrous oxide


Carry-on bag

Check-in bag 

 portable cookers gas cylinders 2

Nitrous Oxide must not be taken on the plane. Nitrous Oxide is commonly known as laughing gas.

Non-flammable gas


Carry-on bag

Check-in bag 

 portable cookers gas cylinders 3

Ask your airline for approval if you want to take a security briefcase or cash box which uses a non-flammable Division 2.2 gas cylinder. It must be checked in.

portable cookers gas cylinders 4

You are allowed to take one cylinder (and two spares) of Non-flammable Division 2.2 gas, usually nitrogen, fitted to safety equipment such as life jackets and avalanche packs.


 Portable cookers gas cylinders 5

Ask your airline for approval. No prior approval is required to carry non-flammable Division 2.2 gas cylinders if they are for an artificial limb.


portable cookers gas cylinders 6

For other devices, ask your airline for approval to take up to four cylinders, each not exceeding 50ml, of non-flammable Divison 2.2 gas. They must be identifiable as containing non-flammable gas.

 Shock Absorber Camp Cookers Gas Cylinders

Shock absorbers, including gas struts, are not permitted onto passenger aircraft.

You should contact a Regulated Air Cargo Agent to discuss how you transport them on a cargo aircraft.

Hydro carbon


Carry-on bag

Check-in bag 

 portable cookers gas cylinders 7

You can take one hydro carbon powered hair curler. A safety cover must be fitted over the heating element. You are not allowed refills, and you must not use it during the flight.



Carry-on bag

Check-in bag 

portable cookers gas cylinders 8

If you need oxygen for medical reasons asks your airline for approval to take oxygen cylinders. These must each not exceed 5 kilograms [gross weight].

 Ask Avsec

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