There are rules about taking lighters and matches onto a plane.

Avsec x-rays bags going on planes to make sure there is nothing dangerous in them. If something comes up on the x-ray that needs checking, the bag will be opened and searched.

What can I take?

  • You can take one only lighter or one box [or book] of matches.
  • Keep your lighter or matches on your person at all times you are on the plane.
  • Do not pack them in your carry-on or check-in baggage.
  • Do not use your lighter or matches on a plane.

Some lighters and matches are strictly forbidden, refer to this table to see which are okay:

Types of igniters

Two action


On person

Carry-on bag

Check-in bag 

 Lighters and matches 1 ResizedImageWzIwNywxNzVd

You can take one lighter with two independent actions to activate ignition. Bic type lighters are compliant as they require the red button to be pushed down and the rotation of the spark wheel to generate a flame.

Lighter - Lithium


 lighters and matches 2

Lithium powered lighters, such as laser-plasma, tesla coils, flux and arc lighters are allowed if they have means to prevent accidental activation e.g. safety cap.

Blue flame


 Lighters and matches 3

Blue flame lighters, known as cigar lighters, must not be taken on the plane.

Safety matches


 lighters and matches 4

You can take one small box or book of safety matches.

Strike anywhere


lighters and matches 5

Strike anywhere matches must not be taken on a plane. The head of a strike anywhere match may be two-toned, with a white tip. The white tip is phosphorous.

Survival firelighter

 Lighters and matches 6 You can take your survival firelighters. This type of igniter does not contain fuel and does not itself generate a flame.


large lighters2 Large lighters including those designed to light BBQs are not to be taken on the plane.

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