Weapons can be defined as an object or device that can be used to inflict serious harm or injury to a person. There are three classes of weapons.

Everyday items as offensive weapons

These are items that are used every day for a lawful purpose but are prohibited from carry-on as they can be used to bludgeon, slice or stab a person. These items include sports equipment, grooming or cooking utensils.

Restricted weapons

Includes firearms, ammunition and explosives but can also include any item that requires the bearer to be licensed. If you are carrying any weapon or substance that requires you to have a license you must contact your airline to determine if the item can travel and if it can, under what conditions.

Unlawful weapons

Include objects or devices specifically designed to cause harm or injury to persons e.g. knuckle dusters, pepper spray, Tasers, stabbing knives, bombs and any replicas. Possession of these weapons is unlawful in New Zealand and are strictly forbidden for carriage on any aircraft. If you carry these items they will be seized and the NZ Police and your airline will be notified.

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