Published date: 3 April 2023


This AC provides an acceptable means of compliance for New Zealand Civil Aviation Rule Part 145-certificated organisations, or Aircraft Maintenance Organisations (AMOs), to meet the requirements of rule 43.1(b) for doing work on aircraft registered in another State that is party to a technical agreement with CAANZ. Specifically, this AC follows from the Technical Arrangement – Maintenance (TA-M) signed between the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAANZ) and outlines the steps AMOs need to take to utilise this arrangement.

Related rules

This AC relates to Parts 43 and 145. It provides advice on:

  • the TA-M on the maintenance of aeronautical products between CAANZ and CAAS, and
  • how New Zealand-based CAANZ Part 145-certificated AMOs, if approved under the provisions of the TA-M, can perform maintenance on CAAS-certificated aeronautical products in accordance with rule 43.1(b).

Change notice

This is the initial issue of this AC.