Published date: 2 June 2022


This AC describes an acceptable means of compliance with the dangerous goods (DG) carriage requirements prescribed under Civil Aviation Rules (CAR), Part 92 Carriage of Dangerous Goods, particularly for smaller operators and private pilots.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to CAR Part 92. In addition, it also relates to CAR Part 133 Helicopter External Load Operations.

Change notice

Cancellation notice

This AC cancels AC92-2 Revision 1 dated 27 April 2007.  Revision 2 is a substantive update with guidance on:

  • 92.11(a) Carriage of DG by Police
  • 92.11(b) Carriage of Class 1 DG
  • 92.11(c) Carriage of DG for recreational use of passengers
  • Carriage of DG for medical aid in flight
  • 92.13 Carriage of DG by passengers and crew
  • Carriage of DG by helicopters operating in remote areas
  • Carriage of DG by underslung load
  • List of commonly carried items of DG
  • Segregation requirements
  • Aircraft emergency response drills
  • Carriage of DG in general

We appreciate some participants will find it useful to be able to cut and paste key sections of this AC, such as the tables, into their own documents, so we have included a Word version [DOCX 1.7 MB] to make it easier to do this.

We have also summarised the submissions that we received on this AC here.