Published date: 23 January 2024


This AC describes an acceptable means of compliance with the dangerous goods (DG) carriage requirements prescribed under Civil Aviation Rules (CAR), Part 92 Carriage of Dangerous Goods, particularly for smaller operators and private pilots.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to CAR Part 92. In addition, it also relates to CAR Part 133 Helicopter External Load Operations.

Change notice

The purpose of Revision 3 is to update material based on the ICAO Technical Instructions (TIs). The main changes are:

  • In Appendix A, updating the UN Number and PSN for most of the items
  • In Appendix A, making minor changes to 1080, Diesel/Kerosene/ Jet Fuel sections, and adds new section, Diesel
  • Updating Appendix C, Aircraft Emergency Response Drills, to align with the ICAO DOC 9481 2023-24 edition, replacing the table in full, and
  • Updating some of the items in Table 7.1, Carriage of DG by Passengers and Crew, replacing the table in full.