Part 61 prescribes rules relating to the requirements for the issue and holding of pilot licences and ratings, and student pilots. This includes the conditions, privileges, and limitations associated with those licences and ratings, and student pilots.

As part of the latest amendment to the Part 61 rules (Pilot Licences and Ratings) which took effect on 5 April 2021, an editorial change was made to standardise the way periods of time were referred to. For example, the term "three months" was to be replaced with "90 days".

Unfortunately, an error was made as these changes were drafted, which resulted in three Part 61 rules having the term "3 months" replaced with "60 days". The main effect of this error was the reduction of the time period for maintaining IFR currency from 3 months to 60 days.

Please review our clarification on IFR currency requirements for a detailed description of the error and our guidance recommending participants follow the affected rules as they previously stood.

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