This workshop is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to investigate an occurrence.

By attending this workshop, you’ll understand the reasons, aims, and purposes of occurrence investigations. This includes the following elements of an occurrence investigation:

  • Roles and responsibilities of different agencies in an investigation
  • How we use occurrence investigation information
  • Causal factors
  • Interviewing techniques during occurrence investigations
  • Remaining objective and avoiding cognitive bias
  • Scene investigation
  • The content of a basic report
  • The criteria of what is acceptable and not acceptable in an investigation report
  • Strategies for feeding information from a safety report back to an organisation.

You’ll receive comprehensive guidance material and access to all the latest CAA safety resources and support.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Our next safety education workshops are scheduled for May 2020. We’re monitoring developments with COVID-19 and will act in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines. We'll be in touch if anything changes with our planned delivery of these workshops.

Workshop fee

The workshop fee is $195 including GST. Accommodation and travel costs are your responsibility, but morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea will be provided.

You can pay via internet banking (details below):

Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Account No: 03 0531 0406878 00 (Westpac, Lower Hutt)
Particulars: Your surname
Code: OI
Reference: COURSEOI


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