In addition to our Good Aviation Practice (GAP) booklets, posters, and Vector magazine, we also produce other safety education products.

Promoting aviation safety and security brochurePromoting aviation safety and security [PDF 235 KB]

This brochure briefly explains the role of the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.

Revised January 2018

Share the Skies drone brochure [PDF 565 KB]Share the Skies drone brochure

Rules for drone pilots

Revised January 2021

Cross-country checklist padCross-country checklist [PDF 548 KB]

A6 pads

Revised April 2013

Weather cardWeather card [PDF 171 KB]

A5 laminated card, hole-punched to fit in your AIP Vol 4.

Revised March 2021

VFR met minima cardVFR Met Minima card [PDF 292 KB]

A5 card

Revised November 2015

Fuel conversion stickersFuel conversion sticker Avgas


Fuel conversion sticker Jet A-1JET A-1 [PDF 133 KB]

Revised November 2016

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