Published date: 26 November 2019

2019-2020If you want your licence issued or amended before the Christmas/New Year holidays, please get your applications in early. The lead-up to Christmas is a very busy time for the CAA’s licensing staff. The last day for the issue of licences in 2019 will be 20 December. Licences will again be issued from 13 January 2020.

Licence applications are dealt with on a first-in, first-processed basis. Calling the unit does not give your application greater priority, and only takes staff away from processing applications. If you’re applying for a new licence, you’ll need to satisfy the Director of Civil Aviation that you meet the ‘fit and proper person’ (FPP) requirements of the Civil Aviation Act 1990.

Obtaining the necessary information can take several weeks. As a rough guide, allow six weeks before your flight test to complete the FPP process. If you need to renew your medical certificate, take into account the time that may take, particularly if you require a specialist examination.

The CAA will be closed from 2 pm on Tuesday 24 December 2019 until 8 am on Friday 3 January 2020.