Technology has always been part of the aviation story and technology developments have always been intrinsic to safety improvements in the sector.

New technology also comes with new challenges. Aviators need to upskill and build experience, while identifying the hazards they may introduce.

Vector: Not drowning in the tech

Intoxication with the bells and whistles of the glass cockpit can blunt good flying skills, and has contributed to tragedies.

Vector article – Spring 2021 – Not drowning in the tech

Vector Online: Stunning but imperfect

A reminder to check the accuracy of your navigation gizmos against a published standard.

Vector Online: Stunning but imperfect

NTSB Safety Alert – Prevent Midair Collisions: Don't Depend on Vision Alone

Lessons from accidents that show how ASD-B can help pilots become aware of and maintain separation.

National Transportation Safety Board website: SA-058.pdf(external link)