Update - 29 Mar 2011

The following descriptor has been added to the Occurrence_1_0.xsd schema:

<xs:enumeration value="1995">
<xs:documentation>Aviation Related Concern|NOISE COMPLAINT| </xs:documentation>

Update - 03 Mar 2011

Previously you could set investigation id and Findings to “xsi:nill” when you didn’t need them: <xs:element name="InvestigationId" type="InvestigationIdType" nillable="true" />
<xs:element name="Findings" nillable="true">

Now both elements are not nillable any longer:
<xs:element name="InvestigationId" type="InvestigationIdType"/>
<xs:element name="Findings">

If you are sending occurrences without investigations, please omit the OccurrenceInvestigation XML node altogether as I indicated earlier. On the other hand, if you send occurrence investigations, please make sure that your investigation id matches its type:
<xs:simpleType name="InvestigationIdType">
<xs:restriction base="xs:token">
<xs:pattern value="[0-9]{1,2}/SI/[0-9]{1,}" />

Update - 14 Oct 2010

ATACodeEnum has changed, we are using now IDs rather than the 6-digit ATA Code.
Example: 719 instead of “256000” (Emergency Locator Beacon (Elb))

Update - 28 Sep 2010

The following descriptor has been added to the Occurrence_1_0.xsd schema:

<xs:enumeration value="1994">
<xs:documentation>Operational Incident|PASSENGER/CARGO RELATED OCCURRENCE|Passenger boarding reconciliation</xs:documentation>

Update - 03 Aug 2010

  • Facet maxLength for ADSBReference increased from 20 to 100 characters
  • Changing type name “VMC_IMC_Enum” to VMCIMCEnum”
  • Adding a new enum “ETOPSEnum” (1 = Yes, 0 = No), replacing ShortValueType
  • Adding a new enum “BirdSpeciesEnum”, replacing xs:token
  • Adding a new enum “ATACodeEnum”, replacing xs:token
  • Adding a new enum “ManufacturerAdvised” (1 = Yes, 0 = No) to the schema, replacing ShortValueType
  • Enum value “TCAS” removed from TCASAlertEnum, valid values are only “TA” and “RA”
  • Changing the base of all CAA Enums from int to token to make it more consistent: AttributeCauseEnum, ScheduledEnum, DomesticEnum, ActionStatusEnum, CauseCategoryEnum

Update - 06 Jul 2010

Changed files: CAA.Part12Interface.CaptureService.Client.Setup.zip, Descriptors_1_0.xls, ccurrence_1_0.pdf,Occurrence_1_0.xsd


  1. Schema changes in Occurrence_1_0.xsd:
    - ScheduledEnum: annotations (i.e. documentation) for values 1 and 2 changed from "Scheduled"/"Non-Scheduled" to "Yes"/"No"
    - PartyName: maxLength changed from 14 to 50 chars
    - Order of enum values changed for the following DescriptorEnums ("Other" and "Unknown" are now at the end of the enum value list):
  2. Descriptors.xls (order has been changed from alphabetical to group sequence no, spelling corrected for descriptor "Airspace Incident|CONTROLER/PILOT DATALINK COMMUNICATIONS|" to "Airspace Incident|CONTROLLER/PILOT DATALINK COMMUNICATIONS|")
  3. Client Setup.zip (includes the changed schema, uses now.NET 4.0)

Update - 02 Jun 2010

Changed Files: Occurrences_1_0.xsd,  Occurrences_1_0.docx, Descriptors.xls, CAA.Part12Interface.CaptureService.Client.Setup.zip:


  1. ATA_Code: maxLength has been increased from 6 to 10
  2. Orders of enum values changed for:
    AircraftDisposal and for
    DescriptorEnums (they are ordered now by ascending group sequence number)
  3. Client example program now using .NET 4.0

Update - 04 May 2010

Changes to all schemas:
xs:token is now used instead of xs:normalizedString to suppress trailing and ending whitespace characters

Two descriptors added to descriptor table: 252 (“Theft”), 1972 (“PILC Incident”)

Changes to Occurrence schema:

  1. Further enums added, they are replacing xs:normalizedString: FlightRulesEnum, VMC_IMC_Enum, LastProficiencyCheckTypeEnum, AircraftDamageLevel, AircraftDisposal
  2. Values for DetectionLocationEnum corrected: Cargo Terminal, At Freight Forwarder, In Group Transport, Shippers Premises
  3. Two descriptors added: 252 (“Theft”), 1972 (“PILC Incident”)