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Published: 5 July 2007
Effective: 5 July 2007

ATA Chapter: 32


Main Wheel Inner Tubes




All Tecnam aircraft.


This Continued Airworthiness Notice (CAN) alerts operators of Tecnam aircraft that the incorrect size inner tubes may have been fitted to the main landing gear tyres.


This CAN is prompted by a report from a New Zealand operator of a Tecnam P2002-JF aircraft found fitted with incorrect size inner tubes to the main gear tyres.  On two separate incidents the main gear tyres deflated suddenly during the landing roll causing difficulty with directional control of the aircraft.  The tyre deflation was caused by the tubes ‘creeping’ inside the tyre. The situation was possibly made worse by the aircraft manufacturer’s information specifying tyre pressures which were too low. So far three separate occurrences of tyre deflations have been attributed to the installation of the wrong size tube to the main gear tyres.

The CAA is concerned that the incorrect tyre tube size may be fitted to the main gear tyres on other Tecnam aircraft.  Deflated main gear tyres can result in aircraft handling difficulties during take-off and landing which could cause an accident.


Confirm the correct size tyre tubes are fitted to the main gear tyres of the aircraft and ensure the correct tyre pressures are maintained.  The aircraft flight manual for the Tecnam P2002-JF aircraft was amended to increase the nose gear tyre pressure to 15 PSI and the main gear tyre pressures to 23 PSI.


All other enquires regarding this CAN should be made to:

Owen Olls

Airworthiness Specialist

Email: ollso@caa.govt.nz

Phone: 04 560 9569