We're contracted to develop the Civil Aviation Rules by the Ministry of Transport for the Minister. Under this contract the Minister of Transport approves a programme of new rules and changes to existing rules each year. Any ordinary rule changes are subject to the Minister of Transport's agreement.

This page is updated monthly to provide progress reports on our current rule projects together with information on recent rule changes that have come into effect.

You can also find a list of current regulatory issues and how to raise your own issue with our regulatory system. 

If you have any queries regarding a rule project, please contact us by emailing docket@caa.govt.nz.

Rules programme tracker

Rules Programme Tracker

Current rule projects progress report

Rule project name and reference Description and purpose of rule Current status Next milestone
Private Pilot Licence (PPL) medical review As a result of a public consultation conducted in 2017, the CAA has recommended the development of an alternative private pilot licence. The objective of the new proposed licence is to adopt a standard of medical certification for New Zealand private pilots that –
  • require a standard of medical fitness that is commensurate to the risk posed by private pilots, and;
  • is associated with costs that are commensurate to the risk posed by the sector.

In this regard, pilots will be required to obtain a medical certificate that meets the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) commercial driver licence with passenger endorsement standard.

NPRM closed for submissions [PDF 1.2 MB]

The Minister of Transport signed the rules on 22 February 2021 Rule will become effective on 5 April 2021
ADS-B below flight level 245

This project proposes using a performance-based rule to mandate transceivers for automatic dependent surveillance – broadcasts (ADS-B), initially for aircraft operating in controlled airspace below 24,500 ft (FL 245). Aircraft using ADS-B constantly broadcast their position to other aircraft and air traffic controllers. ADS-B is scheduled to replace the current secondary surveillance radar system, which reaches the end of its life in 2021.

NPRM closed for submissions [PDF 200 KB]

The Minister of Transport signed the rules on 13 December 2020 Rules come into effect on 8 February 2021

PBN (Performance Based Navigation)


This project looks to ensure that the regulatory framework can support Performance Based Navigation implementation by 2023, as a result of the New Southern Sky programme to meet International Civil Aviation Organization requirements. Consultation on the regulatory package (including NPRM, 3 x sample Notices, and 2 x ACs) closed on 19 February. An extension until 5 April has been given on the AC portion of the package. Publish summary of public submissions

Runway Condition Reporting


This project proposes amendments to rule 139.103 that requires all aerodromes to provide real-time runway surface condition reporting. 26 affected aerodromes are currently covered by an exemption to the rule requirement which expires on 5th November 2020. The rule amendments will require aerodromes, where they meet specific applicability criteria, to provide real time runway surface condition reporting using standardised reporting methods. Minister accepts rule project onto the Transport Rules Programme Publish NPRM

Advisory circulars monthly report

Advisory circulars monthly report [PDF 322 KB]

Project milestones

  1. Minister accepts rule project onto Transport Rules Programme
  2. Publish NPRM
  3. Consultation period closes
  4. Publish summary of public submissions
  5. Final rule package agreed with the Ministry of Transport
  6. Minister signs the rule
  7. Rules come into effect

Petition to raise a regulatory issue

If you wish to raise a regulatory issue for assessment that may progress to a rule change, please complete form 24011/01 [PDF 24 KB] and email it to docket@caa.govt.nz.

For more information about issue assessment see the rule development process and regulatory policy pages.

Recently completed CAA rule projects

Rule project name Description and purpose of rule Rules and amendment numbers Important dates




These amendments cover issues related to abbreviations, definitions, terminology, referencing and formatting.

NPRM Closed for Submissions

The Associate Minister signed the rules on 24 July 2020 Rules come into effect on 1 December 2020

Notice of Requirement (NTC) 91.258, Revision 2

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) systems


The purpose of this notice is to specify the requirements determined by the Director referred to in rule 91.258, regarding:

  • the equipment for ADS-B systems comprising a 1090 MHz Mode S Extended Squitter transponder, a compatible GNSS position source and a barometric altitude pressure system;
  • the performance standards for an ADS-B system;
  • installation and approval of ADS-B system;
  • the minimum message set elements that may be broadcast by ADS-B systems;
  • any conditions relating to ADS-B OUT system or design change requirements or combinations of position source and transponder; and testing and power output.

Notice Closed for Submissions [PDF 330 KB]

The Acting Director of the CAA signed the Notice on 10 November 2020 Notice came into effect on 12 November 2020