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Culture change email outage

It has been brought our attention that some emails sent to the Authority’s culture change inbox between 21 May 2020 and 09 June 2020 have not been received, and in many instances ‘undeliverable’ messages were not sent to the original sender.

We apologise to those who sent our culture change programme messages during this time. We have taken this issue very seriously and not only have identified why the problem occurred in our systems, but have changed our systems to ensure this will not happen in future.

In some instances we were able to retrieve the addresses from which emails were sent, but unfortunately not the message itself. Where we have addresses, we will be contacting these people or companies directly and asking them to resend their emails. If however, you have sent an email during this timeframe, we ask that you send it again to and we will make it our priority to respond and ensure action.


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Contact our Culture Change Programme

Following the release of the Ministerial Review into our organisational culture [PDF 950 KB], a culture change programme called Te Kākano was established to address the Review’s findings and drive the changes needed to ensure we have a safe, respectful workplace.

The programme team will implement the Review’s 31 recommendations, and work with our staff, unions and industry to improve our culture, and to address issues of bullying and harassment at the CAA and Aviation Security Service.

If you have any feedback about the Ministerial Review, or how we can improve our workplace culture, please send an email to All correspondence will be kept in strict confidence by the programme team, unless you specify otherwise.

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To ensure we can respond in a timely manner, passengers wishing to contact the Aviation Security Service should use the second email below instead of the one for the Civil Aviation Authority.

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