To be airworthy an aircraft needs to meet all requirements in the Civil Aviation Rules related to design, manufacture, maintenance, modification, repair and safety. This covers the aircraft, components, fuel, and other materials essential to the operation of the aircraft.

Product certification

New Zealand aircraft type certificates

Type acceptance reports

New Zealand Technical Standard Orders

List of technical data accepted by the Director under the provisions of CAR 21.503(a) [PDF 381 KB]

Register of Alternative Specification Approvals [PDF 54 KB] - list of approvals by the Director in accordance with rule 91.502(2)(ii)(A), and rule 121.353(a)(2)(ii)

Master Minimum Equipment List - PAC 750 XL [DOC 425 KB]

Design delegation seminars

Composite safety and certification meeting

Continuing airworthiness

Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Guideline [PDF 52 KB]

Minimum equipment list - single-engine aircraft template [DOC 565 KB]

24091/01 Approval or revision of a Minimum Equipment List (MEL) [PDF 26 KB]