It is important that the initial airworthiness of an aircraft is maintained throughout its life to ensure the safety and compliance of the original certificated type design is not eroded. Continuing airworthiness is ensured by maintaining the aircraft in accordance with Part 43 and correcting in-service safety problems as they are found.

AC43-01 Aircraft maintenance

Maintenance flying under Level 3 and 4

Flying private or recreational aircraft for essential maintenance is not currently allowed at Alert Levels 3 and 4. The CAA has been and continues to pursue approval for maintenance required to be carried out on aircraft that are not able to fly under current COVID levels. We are seeking similar dispensations to those put in place during previous COVID conditions and are actively pursuing this through the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health had indicated that previous approvals issued by the CAA were no longer valid and we will publish details of any new scheme as soon as we get the permissions we are seeking. The CAA is aware this is a concern for many private operators and our teams are doing all we can to resolve this potential safety issue.