Legal notices

Prohibition notices

Prohibition notice - Helicopters with special category airworthiness certificates - external load operations [PDF 127 KB]


Notice of direction [PDF 1.9 MB]

This notice, issued under Section 77B of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, concerns the screening of crew, passengers, and carry-on baggage. It lists prohibited items.

Notice of direction [PDF 208 KB]

This notice, issued under Section 77B of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, concerns the screening of persons, items, substances or vehicles before they enter, or within, a security enhanced area.

Legal information bulletins

Legal information bulletins are published by the CAA for information and guidance.

They are advisory documents which set out the CAA's position on the general interpretation or application of some civil aviation rules.

A participant who relies on the position stated in a bulletin in good faith, and who exercises due care in applying that position to their activities, is considered by the CAA to be in compliance with the specified civil aviation legal requirements.

If the position adopted in a bulletin is changed by the CAA, this will be notified to industry and updated on the CAA website. In conducting future activities, participants should not rely on a previous position in a bulletin that is no longer current, or on a legal information bulletin that has been withdrawn.

Legal information bulletins are necessarily general in nature. Participants should seek independent legal advice if they are unsure about the application or interpretation of civil aviation laws to their particular activities.

Legal information bulletin number 4 [PDF 47 KB] - Interpretation of Part 1 (crew member and commercial transport operation)

LIB 4 background

Legal information bulletin number 3 [PDF 98 KB] - Interpretation of Part 1 (parachute is an aircraft)

Legal information bulletin number 2 [PDF 11 KB] - Interpretation of Part 137 (third party risk)

Legal information bulletin number 1 [PDF 35 KB] - Interpretation of rule 91.311(c) (low flying)