Airport identity cards are required to carry out work in security areas and security enhanced areas at airports where the Director of Civil Aviation has specified that airport identity cards must be displayed.

What do we need to do before our employees can apply for airport identity cards?

Before your employees can apply for airport identity cards, your organisation must be registered with the Aviation Security Service and it must have provided evidence to show that it has the approval of the aerodrome certificate holder (airport company) to conduct activities within the security area or security enhanced area, and that other affected agencies (for example Airways New Zealand, the Airport Rescue Fire Service, New Zealand Police, New Zealand Customs) have been notified as appropriate.

To request registration, your organisation manager must contact the nearest Aviation Security Service office:


(09) 255 6014

Monday to Friday:

7.30 am to 2.00 pm


(04) 388 0950

Monday to Friday:

7.30 am to 3.30 pm


(03) 357 3500

Monday to Thursday:

7.00 am to 4.00 pm


7.00 am to 3.30 pm

Closed every day from 1.00 pm to 1.30 pm


(03) 442 3049

Monday to Friday:

8.00 am to 4.00 pm


(03) 474 9919

Monday to Friday:

9.00 am to 3.00 pm

What do organisation managers and certifiers have to do before they certify applications for airport identity cards?

Before certifying applications for airport identity cards organisation managers and certifiers must be able to confirm:

  • the validity of the employee’s identity information provided with their application;
  • that adequate pre-employment vetting or other necessary enquiries have been made of the employee;
  • that an adequate assessment of the employee’s work has been undertaken and they have, or will have, a regular need to access the aerodrome security or operational area.

Organisation managers and certifiers undertake, on behalf of their organisation, to:

  • notify the Aviation Security Service of any changes to the information provided in the application (for example any changes of name, address or other contact details for the applicant or the employer);
  • recover and return the airport identity card to the Aviation Security Service at the time that the employee leaves your employment or if the employee transfers to a position which does not require an airport identity card.

Which airport should I select when making an application for a permanent airport identity card?

You should select the airport where the employee will carry out most of their work. This will also be the airport where the Aviation Security Service will expect the card to be picked up from. See the Issuing airport identity cards section of our website for more information about picking up airport identity cards.

What are the fees for airport identity cards?

The application fees for airport identity cards are set out in regulation 10A of the Civil Aviation Charges Regulations (No 2) 1991(external link)(external link).

The fee for a permanent airport identity card is $62.45 (including GST) and the fee for a temporary airport identity card is $7.95 (including GST). The relevant fee is incurred each time an airport identity card is issued.

Employers are charged for:

  • Applications for airport identity cards which have been submitted by one of the employer’s certifiers
  • Applications for temporary airport identity cards which have been submitted by one of the employer’s certifiers or airport identity card holders.

What will happen if we don't pay for our airport identity cards on time?

If your organisation does not pay invoices for the issue of airport identity cards by the due date:

  • Your organisation may not be able to apply for any more permanent or temporary airport identity cards until payment in full is received, and
  • Cards that have not been paid for may be suspended (that is, will show as "invalid" when checked) until payment in full is received.

What do we need to do if our organisation changes its name?

If your organisation changes its name, an organisation manager or certifier must do the following as soon as possible:

  • advise the local Aviation Security Service office in writing;
  • submit applications for each of your employees who needs an airport identity card, using the organisation’s new name;
  • ensure that all airport identity cards containing your organisation’s previous name are returned to the nearest Aviation Security Service office.

If your organisation has over 20 employees who hold airport identity cards and you would like more time to complete the changeover to cards in the new organisation name, you can seek an extension to the validity of your current airport identity cards from the CAA Security Regulatory Unit (SRU)

How do we let you know about changes to our contact details?

If your organisation changes its postal, physical or email address, its contact phone numbers, an organisation manager or a certifier must change these details in Airport Gateway as soon as possible.

What do we do if our employees don't need to enter security areas or security enhanced areas anymore?

If any of your employees no longer need to enter security areas or security enhanced areas (for example if they change jobs) you must:

  • notify the Aviation Security Service;
  • ensure that each employee’s airport identity card is returned to the nearest Aviation Security Service office immediately;
  • if any employees have cards with access controls assigned to them (proximity cards), you must advise the relevant airport company.

Your organisation should have a process in place to recover airport identity cards from employees who leave your employment. Please be aware that your organisation will remain liable for any costs associated with airport identity cards which have not been recovered from former employees.

Do we need to tell employees anything in particular about being a cardholder?

You should remind your employees that they need to report immediately any loss or theft of an airport identity card to the nearest Aviation Security Service office.

You should also ensure that your employees understand the conditions of use which apply to airport identity card holders, the obligations set out in Civil Aviation Rule 19.357, and the penalties for not complying with these obligations, set out in the Civil Aviation (Offences) Regulations 2006(external link)(external link).

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