Carry-on bag
Checked-in luggage
Heated clothing

Can I take this item on a plane?

Heated clothing with lithium batteries are allowed in your carry-on or checked luggage subject to the restrictions below.

What are the restrictions?

  • If a battery exceeds 100Wh the approval of the airline is required.
  • A battery must not exceed 160Wh or 2g.
  • Batteries that can be removed from heated clothing or footwear [e.g. attached to the exterior of a ski boot] must be carried separately in your carry-on as loose batteries.
  • Heated clothing [e.g. ski boots, gloves, or hat] with batteries that cannot be removed, can be carried in your checked baggage but only if there is an on-off switch which must be in the off positon.

Why is this item restricted?

Some types of batteries are at risk of exploding, catching fire, leaking acid or caustic chemicals, harming people and property.

What happens if I have a restricted item in my carry-on bag?

You will be asked to relinquish all dangerous or prohibited items found in your carry-on luggage. If you refuse:

  • you will not be permitted to move through the screening point, and
  • your airline will be advised of your refusal.

How does Aviation Security screen for restricted items?

AvSec x-ray bags going onto aircraft to ensure there is nothing dangerous in them. If something comes up on the x-ray that needs checking, the bag will be opened, searched and any dangerous good or prohibited item will be removed, with a bag search notification form left within the bag.