The 2017 Design Delegation Holders Seminar was held at the Hamilton Airport Conference Centre over 09-10 May and was attended by 75 participants from industry, CAA, CASA, FAA and the RNZAF.

The bi-annual seminar is aimed at providing a forum for DDH, Part 146 Design Organisations and their engineering staff to discuss technical and professional topics with CAA, and network with other members of the industry. The seminar includes a broad range of presentations from the CAA and industry on design, certification and commercial related topics.

A dinner was held on the first evening of the seminar which was warmly received by the attendees. In addition to providing a fantastic networking opportunity, an informative and entertaining presentation was given by one of CAA’s longer standing Design Delegation Holders (Mr Richard Leaper, AIM Altitude) on the topic of "Managing the Design/Production Interface".


DDH Seminar Opening – Shaun Johnson, CAA [PDF 1.7 MB]

Regulatory Update – Mark Hughes, CAA [PDF 1.5 MB]

Responsibilities of Delegation Holders – John Parnell, CAA [PDF 304 KB]

Product Certification Team Update – Jason Ashworth, CAA [PDF 1.6 MB]

Application of FAR XX.1309 – David Weston, Airwork Ltd [PDF 1.9 MB]

Small Part 146 Organisations – Richard Andrews, NTech Ltd [PDF 449 KB]

Small Part 146 Organisations – John Aplin, Techair Ltd [PDF 639 KB]

General Rotorcraft Update and NORSEE – Ho-Joon Lim, FAA [PDF 1.3 MB]

CASR Part 21J Design Organisations – Chris DeLuis & Ben Challender, CASA [PDF 1.1 MB]

Performance Based Navigation – Clayton Hughes, CAA [PDF 852 KB]

Certification of Aircraft Seating Design Changes – Andrea Wadsworth, CAA [PDF 1.1 MB]

FAR23 Re-Write – David Gill, CAA [PDF 5.9 MB]

Classification of Design Change & Type Certification – Pete Sutherland, CAA [PDF 2.1 MB]

Making Sense of Data – Jack Stanton, CAA [PDF 1.2 MB]

Fatigue and Damage Tolerance in Airframe Structures – Ben Vos, NTech Ltd [PDF 1 MB]

Seminar Closing – Shaun Johnson, CAA [PDF 1.4 MB]

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