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Published: 11 February 2021
Effective: 11 February 2021

ATA Chapter: 00


This Continuing Airworthiness Notice is issued to advise operators and maintainers of the status of Type Certificates held by Pacific Aerospace Ltd, Hamilton.


All Pacific Aerospace Ltd aircraft types listed on the following New Zealand Type Certificates:

Type Certificate No.      Models

A-3 Pt 2                          FU24-950, FU24A-950, FU24-954, FU24A-954

A-10                               CT/4, CT/4A, CT/4B, CT/4E

A-11                               Cresco 08-600

A-14                               750XL

A-16                               FBA-2C, FBA-2C1, FBA-2C2, FBA-2C3, FBA-2C4, FBA-2C3T, FBA-2C4T


This Continuing Airworthiness Notice is issued to advise operators and maintainers of the status of Type Certificates held by Pacific Aerospace Ltd, Hamilton.


Pacific Aerospace Ltd (PAL) is the holder of New Zealand Type Certificates listed in the applicability above. In accordance with section 17 of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAA NZ) has temporarily suspended the Part 145 Maintenance Organisation, Part 146 Design Organisation and Part 148 Manufacturing Organisation certificates of PAL, as of 11 February 2021.

As a consequence of this, the status of the Type Certificates is being reviewed by CAA NZ which will result in either:

  • The conditions for lifting of PAL’s suspension being met and PAL resuming their responsibilities as holder; or
  • CAA NZ assuming the continuing operational safety responsibilities of the holder; or
  • Transfer of the Type Certificate to a new holder that is willing to fulfil the responsibilities of a holder; or
  • Suspension or revocation of the Type Certificate if no other mitigating factor is possible.

In NZ, current Airworthiness Certificates for the affected aircraft types remain valid unless a subsequent serious safety/airworthiness issue is identified that would otherwise require significant design changes by the Type Certificate holder. Foreign registered aircraft operators should contact their State of Registry for advice on the validity of Airworthiness Certificates issued by that State.

Until such time as otherwise notified, NZ remains the State of Design for the applicable Type Certificates.


CAA NZ hereby asks you to communicate this notice to any person to whom this notice could be of direct and individual concern as well as to other possible interested persons. When doing so, CAA NZ also asks you to inform them about the possibility to comment until 11 March 2021.

After satisfactory evaluation of the comments received, CAA NZ will take a decision to carry out further action as necessary in the interests of aviation safety. Comments regarding this Continuing Airworthiness Notice should be made to airworthinessdirectives@caa.govt.nz

If any defects or occurrences are found with the applicable aircraft, then complete a CA005 Defect Report form and submit the completed form to the CAA at CA005@caa.govt.nz. Please include all findings and any other relevant technical information. A CA005D Defect Report form can be obtained from http://www.caa.govt.nz/assets/legacy/Forms/CA005D_Form.pdf(external link)