If you already have a good understanding of the Part 101 drone rules, but have realised what you want to do doesn't comply, you need a Part 102 unmanned aircraft operator certificate.

Part 102 Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certification outlines how to obtain an unmanned aircraft operator certificate. You need a certificate if you want to fly an unmanned aircraft outside of the Part 101 rules - such as operating unshielded at night, flight over property with prior notification, or with an aircraft that weighs more than 25 kg.

To be granted a variation from the Part 101 rules, you will need to show how you will manage the risks of your intended activities.

You will be required to provide us with an operating manual showing how you have identified the hazards and risks of your operation, and the ways you will mitigate those risks. Each application is considered on its merit.

Having determined that you need to be certificated for your type of operation, you need to fill out the application form [DOCX 69 KB] and the Part 102 compliance matrix [DOC 133 KB]. If you haven’t done so already, it would be worth reading Advisory Circular (AC) 102-1 Unmanned Aircraft - Operator Certification, as this document provides additional information about what is required for Part 102 certification. If your operations will involve new or emerging first of type aircraft or technologies; then you may also benefit from engaging with our Emerging Technologies Programme.

Find out more about applying for a Part 102 certificate.