The permissions you need to fly your drone in New Zealand depend on how and where you want to fly.


  • Stay 4kms away from all airports and helipads – unless you have clearance from the aerodrome operator.
  • Check for any airspace restrictions before you fly.
  • You may be able to fly in controlled airspace by obtaining air traffic control clearance from Airways.
  • Do not fly in special use airspace without the permission of the administering authority of the area (eg, military operating areas or restricted areas).

    Check airspace - AirShare website(external link)

People and property

  • It's safer not to fly over people. If you need to, only fly above people if you have asked for their consent.
  • Get consent of the property owner or person in charge of the land you want to fly over.
  • Check with your local council before flying in public places like parks and reserves. Your regional council’s website will have information about drone use in your area.
  • You must apply for a permit from the Department of Conservation to fly over conservation land.

    Drone use on conservation land(external link)

Learn more about the rules - Intro to Part 101 rules for unmanned aircraft

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