Published date: 9 November 2023


This AC describes an acceptable means of compliance with internal quality assurance (IQA) procedures, a key component of a Quality Management System (QMS). Since the skills developed through running IQA and QMS are relevant to running Safety Management Systems (SMS) procedures, it is hoped that organisations operating an SMS will also find useful tips and advice in this AC. 

Related Rules

This AC relates to participants covered by one of three rule parts:

  • Part 109, Regulated Air Cargo Agent – Certification, rule 109.69
  • Part 140, Aviation Security Service Organisations Certification, rule 140.59 and
  • Part 149, Aviation Recreation Organisations Certification, rule 149.63.

Organisations operating an SMS, as explained in AC100-1, Safety Management, may find useful guidance on the quality assurance processes that form part of their SMS, i.e. document control, internal audit, continuous improvement and management review.  

Change notice

This AC cancels AC00-3, Revision 1, dated 24 July 2007. Revision 2 of this AC is a complete rewrite and reordering of this AC. It also takes the opportunity to add Appendix 5, which provides a range of templates to help run an IQA process. Lastly, it adds a Version History.