A Proposed Notice asks for comments on the proposed changes during a consultation period where anyone can make a submission.

For more information, visit CAA Notices.

How to make a submission

Electronic (form below, or PDF) submissions are preferred to assist in compiling, but submissions can still be sent by post, or delivered in person.

Official Information Act

Submitters should note that subject to the Official Information Act 1982, any information attached to submissions will become part of the docket file and will be available to the public for examination at the CAA offices in the Asteron Centre, 55 Featherston Street, Wellington.

Submitters should state clearly if there is any information in their submission that is commercially sensitive, or for some other reason the submitter does not want the information to be released to other interested parties. The CAA will consider this in making a decision in respect of any Official Information Act requests. It should be noted that the CAA cannot guarantee confidentiality in respect of any specific submissions.

Open for comment

There are no proposed notices open for submission.


More information

If you require more information about a Proposed Notice, please contact docket@caa.govt.nz.