Published date: 26 October 2023


This AC describes an acceptable means of compliance with the requirements under Civil Aviation Rule Parts 121 and 125 relating to ditching of an aircraft. It discusses ditching techniques, preparedness and procedures that may enhance the chance of survival should a ditching becomes necessary.

Related rules

This AC relates to Part 121 and Part 125, specifically to rules 121.67, 121.363, 125.87 and 125.363. It also relates to rule 91.525.

Change notice

Revision 1 has changed the title to incorporate Part 121, Air Operations Large Aeroplanes. It substantially updates the content throughout and changes the order of many sections. We have also taken the opportunity to add to the Definitions section, and add an Abbreviations section and a Version History. An appendix of suggested checklists has been added. Lastly, we have deleted the Risk Assessment and Mitigations section as guidance is now available from other ACs.