Published date: 23 February 2024


This Advisory Circular (AC) describes an acceptable means of compliance with the certification requirements of Part 141 Aviation Training Organisations - Certification. This material is intended for applicants for, and holders of, aviation training organisation certificates, and for their clients.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to the Civil Aviation Rule Part 141.

Change notice

Revision 6 makes changes to Appendix A:

  • adds two training courses in Description of Training Course, P12, Robinson Safety Awareness Training and P13, Examiner Theory Course, and
  • adds PBN Specification to A5 in Description of Assessment

to reflect the update of AC61-19, Pilot licences and ratings - Flight Examiner Ratings, Revision 16.

There is also a marked-up copy to make it easier to see the changes quickly:

AC141-1, Revision 6, Aviation Training Organisations - Certification - marked-up version [PDF 435 KB]