Published date: 20 September 2022


The advisory circular (AC) explains the requirements for:

  • entering an aircraft on the New Zealand Register of Aircraft
  • issuing and cancelling a certificate of registration
  • the allocation, reservation, changing, displaying, and application of registration marks, and
  • registering an identifiable paint scheme and markings.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to Civil Aviation Rule Part 47, Aircraft Registration and Marking. Unless otherwise stated each reference to a number in this AC relates to a specific rule within Part 47. References to the Act mean the Civil Aviation Act.

Change notice

Revision 3 replaces Revision 2, which was dated 24 January 2002. Revision 3:

  • adds information about online payment options
  • deletes information relating to expired Exemptions and Transitional arrangements
  • streamlines the language, structure and format to align with current ACs, and
  • adds a Version History.