Published date: 23 April 2021


Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) advisory circulars (ACs) contain information about standards, practices, and procedures that the Director has found to be an Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) with the associated rule.

An AMC is not intended to be the only means of compliance with a rule, and consideration will be given to other methods of compliance that may be presented to the Director. When new standards, practices, or procedures are found to be acceptable they will be added to the appropriate AC.


This AC provides information on the course that is acceptable to the Director for meeting the Civil Aviation Rule requirements for the issue of a Glider Tow Rating.

Related Rules

This AC relates specifically to Civil Aviation Rule Part 61 Subpart M – Glider Tow Rating

Change Notice

Revision 3 of this AC updates information for contacting Gliding New Zealand.

Version History

The record of revision(s) to this AC are outlined below:

AC Revision No. Effective Date Summary of Changes
AC 61-1.13 Rev 0 6 October 1998 The initial issue of this AC.
AC61-1.3 Rev 1 11 May 2006 Included amendments related to reissue of Part 61 in regard to logbook entries for issue of a Glider Tow rating and removal of the outdated transition provision.
AC61-13 Rev 2 9 May 2007 Re-numbered this AC from AC 61-1.13 to AC 61-13 as part of project to standardise numbering of ACs.
AC61-13 Rev 3 23 April 2021 Updates information on contacting Gliding New Zealand.

Rule 61.601 Eligibility requirements

Glider towing course

Rule 61.601(a)(2) requires an applicant for a glider tow rating to have satisfactorily completed a course in towing gliders. The course must be conducted by a gliding organisation whose Part 149 certificate authorises the holder to conduct a glider towing course.

Competency demonstration

Rule 61.601(a)(3) requires an applicant to have demonstrated their competency in the towing of gliders to an authorised person within a gliding organisation. The demonstration of competence must be conducted by a gliding organisation whose Part 149 certificate authorises the holder to conduct assessment for a glider towing rating.

Gliding New Zealand is a gliding organisation holding a Part 149 Certificate that authorises it to conduct courses and competency assessments for glider tow ratings.

Gliding New Zealand has a comprehensive syllabus and procedures for glider tow pilot training. Please check their website at link) for more information.

Rule 61.603 Issue

Logbook endorsement

Rule 61.603 states the requirements for the issue of a glider tow rating. The authorised person operating under the authority of the Part 149 glider organisation must be satisfied that the eligibility requirements of rule 61.601 have been met before issuing the glider tow rating.

All relevant details must have been instructed, completed, and checked either orally, or in writing, or in practice to the satisfaction of the certifying person. The entry in the logbook must be made in accordance with rule 61.29(a)(3) including—

(i) the purpose of the flight; and
(ii) the date of the flight; and
(iii) the expiry date of the flight test, flight review, competency demonstration or check; and
(iv) the name, client number, and signature of the person conducting the flight test, flight review, competency demonstration, or check.