Published date: 24 August 2021


This Advisory Circular (AC) describes an acceptable means of compliance with requirements for flight time experience and on the examination syllabus content that is acceptable to the Director for meeting the Civil Aviation Rule requirements for the issue of an Instrument Rating.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to Civil Aviation Rule Part 61 Subpart Q–Instrument Ratings.

Change notice

Revision 13 deletes an item in the syllabus, which is no longer relevant under section 54.22.24 With regard to uncharted routes (found on page 28), and adds a Version History.

Release of draft AC61-17, Revision 14, Pilot licences and ratings – Instrument Ratings, Appendix I, for information only

CAA has recently finished consultation on Revision 14 of AC61-17, Pilot licences and ratings – Instrument Ratings. While Revision 14 will not come into force until June 2023, the draft Appendix I can be found here [PDF 611 KB] in a clean copy and here in a marked up [PDF 688 KB] copy, to enable flight training providers to amend their training material before the update occurs in June.

This Appendix is provided to the sector for information only. Please continue to use the current version of AC61-17, for the syllabus for Instrument rating (IR) examinations.

Please note, there may be some minor changes and updates once AC61-17 Revision 14 is published in 2023, but we will endeavour to highlight any further changes at that time.