Published date: 21 May 2007


The Advisory Circular (AC) describes an acceptable means of compliance with the requirement relating to the development and acceptance of aircraft operator’s maintenance programmes. This material is intended to assist persons using and applying for the approval of maintenance programmes for non-air transport operations under Part 91 and air transport operations under Part 119.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to Civil Aviation Rule Part 91, Subpart G – General Operating and Flight Rules; Operator Maintenance Requirements and Part 119 – Air Transport Operator – Certification.

Change notice

This AC replaces AC 90-1 by re-numbering it to AC 91-12 & 119-5 as part of a project to standardise the numbering of all ACs. In giving this AC two Part-specific reference names it is intended that the AC will be more accessible to those affected by it. No other changes have been made to the content of this document.