Published date: 18 August 2022


This advisory circular (AC) describes an acceptable means of compliance with ADS-B systems equipment requirements, accuracy parameters requirements; operational requirements, testing and installation requirements, procedures and information on the approvals process, and information relating to the operation of ADS-B technology.

Related rules

This AC relates to Civil Aviation Rule Parts 21, 43, and 91, and specifically to rules 43.46 and 91.257, 91.258. Rules refer to CAA rules, unless otherwise stated.

Change notice

This version of the AC incorporates operational guidance on the use of ADS-B technology for operators. Revision 2 has been made to:

  • advise on ADS-B installations carried out on gliders by authorised personnel under a 149 certificate (in accordance with section 4(ba) of the amended NTC 91.258, Revision 3) in section 7.9.2 and
  • correct an error in section 7.7 which risks advice in this AC not aligning with relevant rules.

We have also done a marked up version [PDF 558 KB] with the insertions highlighted in yellow and deletions in strikethrough so participants can check the changes easily.