Published date: 30 November 2021


The AC describes an acceptable means of compliance with the dangerous goods (DG) training requirements prescribed under Civil Aviation Rule Part 92.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to Part 92, Subpart E – Training. In addition, it incorporates requirements of Part 141 Aviation Training Organisations: Certification, as well as Parts 119, 121, 125, and 135.

Change notice

This is the second Revision of this AC and is a comprehensive update from the previous revision. Among other changes it:

  • Introduces the ICAO competency-based model for DG training.
  • Aligns the categories of personnel to be trained with ICAO Technical Instructions.
  • Expands the acceptable methods of training.
  • Outlines:
    • the expectations for assessment
    • relevant materials
    • CAA approval of DG training programmes, and
    • CAA inspection and monitoring of DG training providers.
  • Takes the opportunity to add a Version History and Definitions section.