Part 171 provides the operating and technical standards for aeronautical telecommunication services and facilities. It also sets out the rules governing the certification and operation of organisations providing aeronautical telecommunication services in support of IFR flight or an air traffic service.

Consolidations of the Civil Aviation Rules are for reference – they are not the official versions of the rules – to view those, see “history of amendments”.

The history of amendments below, when expanded, shows copies of the original issue, amendments, and re-issues of this Part. Other legislative changes shown are for reference – to view the full version of the relevant amendment Act, see link).

Amendment Effective date NPRM Summary of submissions
Amendment 5 [PDF 94 KB] 10 Mar 2017 NPRM [PDF 539 KB] Summary [PDF 55 KB]
Amendment 4 [PDF 133 KB] 01 Feb 2016 NPRM [PDF 1.5 MB] Summary [PDF 89 KB]
Amendment 3 [PDF 108 KB] 22 Jun 2006    
Amendment 2 (reissue) [PDF 99 KB] 24 Jan 2002    
Amendment 1 [PDF 122 KB] 08 Feb 1996    
Original issue [PDF 1.7 MB] 01 Oct 1992