Part 92 prescribes the rules governing the carriage of dangerous goods by air.

Consolidations of the Civil Aviation Rules are for reference – they are not the official versions of the rules – to view those, see “history of amendments”.

The history of amendments below, when expanded, shows copies of the original issue, amendments, and re-issues of this Part. Other legislative changes shown are for reference – to view the full version of the relevant amendment Act, see link).

Amendment Effective date
Amendment 2 [PDF 142 KB] 22 Jun 2006
Amendment 1 [PDF 187 KB] 01 Apr 1997
Original issue [PDF 1.5 MB] 14 Nov 1995


Incorporation by reference - the document below itemises material that has been incorporated into this Part by reference in accordance with section 36 of the Civil Aviation Act 1990.

Gazette Notice - Annex 18 and technical instructions - effective 01 Jan 2019(external link)