Certified aeronautical meteorological briefing services

PreFlight(external link)

PreFlight is a web-based aviation weather briefing system intended primarily for general aviation pilots in New Zealand. It is a collaboration between MetService and Aeropath (a subsidiary of Airways International) that provides weather information and aeronautical information in one platform.

There are three tiers of PreFlight:

Free – Access is free for all NZ aviators operating for non-commercial purposes.

Plus – Monthly subscription that provides additional features for individual, non-commercial use.

Pro – Subscription based service for aircraft operators engaged in commercial operations (including scheduled and unscheduled air transport operations) in New Zealand, and also flight training organisations, who are conducting flights at or below 10,000 ft. This includes commercial flight training organisations, flying clubs or aero clubs providing flight training. Commercial operators conducting flights above 10,000 ft may subscribe to MetJet.

MetJet(external link) MetJet is a web-based aviation weather briefing system intended primarily for use by airlines in New Zealand and overseas. Other commercial operators may use MetJet by arrangement with MetService.
IFIS(external link) The Internet Flight Information Service (IFIS) is provided by Airways NZ. PreFlight, a collaboration between MetService and Aeropath, will eventually replace the briefing component of IFIS, but in th emeantime IFIS will continue to provide preflight text and graphical MET information including TAF, METAR, SPECI, METAR AUTO, SIGMET, GSM, AAW, GRAFOR, GNZSIGWX, and SWX Advisories.
ATS unit
Contact: Appropriate ATS Unit (Tower, National Briefing Office, etc)
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