Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) is an aircraft surveillance system.

Aircraft receive accurate and precise location data from a satellite constellation and then broadcast this information through a transponder. This data can then be used by air traffic management services to maintain aircraft separation.

Details of the confirmed ADS-B mandate

As part of the New Southern Sky (NSS) programme, Airways is moving to Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B). The current secondary radar service will be replaced by ADS-B as the main source of surveillance information for separation of aircraft in controlled airspace.

The CAA rule change to make ADS-B mandatory for all aircraft in all controlled airspace has now been confirmed. All aircraft operating in controlled airspace beyond 31 December 2022 must transmit ADS-B data that meets minimum performance requirements.

For more information on what is required to comply with the confirmed mandate see the New Southern Sky website(external link).

Learn more about equipping with ADS-B

ADS-B equipment and performance standards in CAA Notice 91.258 [PDF 319 KB]

How to get ADS-B installed on your aircraft(external link)

The benefits of ADS-B(external link)

For more information about installing ADS-B, or about ADS-B equipment, contact your LAME or

For information about the ADS-B policy in controlled airspace, email