Published date: 11 February 2022


This Advisory Circular (AC) describes an acceptable means of compliance with the syllabus content in respect of written examinations for Subject 17 (Human Factors).

This AC also provides guidance material for recommended study material in respect of the examination syllabus in this AC.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to Civil Aviation Rule Part 66 Subpart B — Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence.

Change notice

Revision 5 replaces Revision 4, which was dated 10 March 2015. Revision 5 updates the web address for Publication Lists, and out-of-date website and other addresses. A Version History has also been added and some stylistic changes made to standardise the format so it is more like other ACs in this series.

There have also been requests, though the AC feedback survey, for it to be possible for participants to cut and paste syllabi items more easily into a spreadsheet. We have created a write-protected Word version of this AC, for this, which can be downloaded here.

AC66-2.17, Revision 5, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence - Examination Subject 17 Human Factors [DOCX 926 KB]

We’d appreciate any feedback on how useful this document is: you can send comments via the AC feedback survey link.