Published date: 21 December 2021


This Advisory Circular (AC) provides an AMC for the syllabus content in respect of written examinations for Mechanical Group Ratings.

This AC also provides GM for recommended study material in respect of the examination syllabi in this AC.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to Civil Aviation Rule Part 66 Subpart C — Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence.

Change notice

This is a comprehensive revision of this AC that contains all the information (resource study material, scope and outline syllabus) for Mechanical Group Ratings. In particular, resource materials have been updated, several syllabus areas have been extended and there is extra information about FRP and composite materials, general maintenance, radio systems, electrical systems and instrument systems. 

As a result of the updates, some numbering has changed from the initial Revision, and all of the Oral subjects have been deleted.

Note that the previous Aeroplane Group 4, Subject 66 (Written) & 67 (Oral) has been deleted and amalgamated into the Aeroplane and Rotorcraft Group 1 and 2 syllabi.

CAA has also taken the opportunity to add a Version History.