Advisory Circulars provide explanatory information and examples of how to comply with Civil Aviation Rules.

Draft advisory circulars open for comment

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Draft advisory circulars closed for comment

AC91-24 (draft) Revision 1 – ADS-B Systems [PDF 671 KB]

This draft has been expanded from the initial issue in April 2018, and some sections have changed in order.

The new expanded sections have been drawn from international sources and in response to common queries to CAA. It aims to provide more operational detail for participants to help them meet requirements. In particular, sections 6.6, 6.13, 6.15, 7.9 from the initial issue have been expanded, while 6.10 has been largely moved to 6.2 in the new version.

Following feedback that changes in draft ACs can be hard to track, we are also trialling a new method of highlighting changes. In this draft, new or expanded sections have been highlighted in yellow, and deleted sections have been struckthrough. Feedback on whether this makes it easier to comment on AC content would be welcomed.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Comments closed 18 December 2020

Rens Molenaar
Certification Engineer

AC66-1 (draft) Revision 3 – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence - General [PDF 771 KB]

Comments closed 11 November 2020

Mark Boyle
Team Leader Licensing & Standards

AC91-21 (draft) Revision 1 – Performance-Based Navigation – Operational Approvals [PDF 987 KB]

Comments closed 10 November 2020

From feedback we received during the consultation period, it's clear that the timing of this revision may have caused some confusion. The AC was written to reflect how we currently process PBN operational requests, and was a long awaited revision of AC 91-21 Rev 0.3.

The ongoing work on the PBN Rule Framework (PBN RF) which progressed while the CAA was working on this revision (for which the AC will need an additional revision), as well as the current status of industry as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, has put the timing of this revision into question.

As to not place an undue burden on industry, the CAA has decided not to officially publish AC91-21 Rev 1 at this time. Any provided feedback will be used in the ongoing work for the revision of AC91-21 which will align with the PBN RF and will be consulted on in due course.

Rens Molenaar
Certification Engineer

AC00-X (draft) Electronic Signatures, Electronic Recordkeeping and Electronic Manuals [PDF 201 KB]

Comments closed 15 May 2020

Jeremy Mitchell
Flight Operations Inspector

AC61-3 (draft Revision 27) Pilot Licences and Ratings - Private Pilot Licence [PDF 2.1 MB]

Read in conjunction with NPRM 19-04 (Part 61 Private Pilot Licence Medical Review)

Comments closed 27 January 2020

John Parker
Aviation Examiner - Licensing and Flight Training

AC21-x (draft Revision 0) Flight Test Guidance [PDF 581 KB]

Comments closed 10 January 2020

Tim Dutton
Senior Technical Specialist – Flight Test Engineering 

AC21-11 & AC91-23 (draft Revision 1) Electrical Load Analysis [PDF 615 KB]

Comments closed 13 November 2019

Rens Molenaar
Airworthiness Engineer (Avionics)

AC43-1 (draft Revision 5) Aircraft Maintenance [PDF 428 KB]

Comments closed 25 July 2019

Jonathan Mayne
Team Leader Airworthiness General Aviation

AC92-2 (draft Revision 2) Carriage of Dangerous Goods on Domestic VFR Flights in Unpressurised Aircraft not exceeding 5700 kg MCTOW [PDF 367 KB]

Revision 2 updates the dangerous goods items that are acceptable to carry by passengers on board for recreational or sporting activities; list of substance by class or division and examples of items; and emergency procedure to include the appropriate ATS unit in the communication of any dangerous goods on board.

Comments closed 12 Apr 2019

Kate Madden
Aeronautical Services Officer
Aeronautical Services