Advisory Circulars provide explanatory information and examples of how to comply with Civil Aviation Rules.

Draft advisory circulars open for comment

AC12-1 Mandatory Occurrence Notification and Information
AC21-7 Product Certification – Type Certificates
AC43-1 Aircraft Maintenance

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AC12-1 (draft) Revision 5 - Mandatory Occurrence Notification and Information [PDF 460 KB]

AC12-1 Mandatory Occurrence Notification and Information has been updated. This is Revision 5 of this AC. Changes have been made to:

  • update important contact information
  • clarify that the definition of “aircraft” includes such classes of aircraft as balloon, gliders, hang gliders, helicopters or microlights, and
  • refine some of the language so it is more plain English.

We are trialling a new method of highlighting changes in ACs, so new or expanded sections have been highlighted in yellow, and deleted sections have been struckthrough.

If you have any feedback about this new draft, please use our feedback form or email us by Monday 10 May 2021.

AC21-7 (draft) Revision 0 – Product Certification – Type Certificates [PDF 1.1 MB]

AC21-7 (draft) Revision 0 - Appendix A - CCL Template draft [PDF 95 KB]

AC21-7 (draft) Revision 0 - Appendix B - PSCP Template draft [PDF 266 KB]

This is the initial draft of this Advisory Circular, relating to Rule 21 Subpart B – Type Certificates and Type Acceptance Certificates, and Subpart D – Changes to Type Certificates and Type Acceptance Certificates. The guidance, which represents international best practice, is intended to assist organisations and persons in gaining or changing New Zealand type certificates.

Although AC21-7 was put out for consultation previously, because of changes in the regulatory system and due to the time period which has passed since the previous consultation, we believe there is benefit in opening this up for feedback again. In addition, because this is a relatively long and complex AC, we have allowed for a longer than normal period for feedback.

If you have any comments on this draft, please email Tim Dutton (Flight Test Engineer, Product Certification) by Thursday 13 May 2021.

AC43-1 (draft) Revision 5 – Aircraft Maintenance [PDF 360 KB]

As this AC was last updated in 2009, it has been completely rewritten to account for technical and good practice changes. Therefore it was felt a marked-up version which compared changes against Revision 4 would not be helpful for readers in following this draft. It is recommended that readers go through this draft as a stand-alone document, rather than trying to compare with the previous revision.

If you have any feedback on this change, please email Warren Hadfield (Chief Advisor Airworthiness) by Monday 10 May 2021

Draft advisory circulars closed for comment

AC139-12 (draft) Revision 1 - Aerodromes—Certification, Operation and Use - UNICOM and AWIB Services [PDF 377 KB]

Comments closed 27 April 2021

AC91-1 & AC172-1 – Radiotelephony Manual [PDF 1.1 MB]

Comments closed 23 April 2021

AC61-13 (draft) Revision 3 - Pilot license and ratings - Glider Tow Rating [PDF 164 KB]

Comments closed 22 April 2021

AC175-1 (draft) Revision 3 - Aeronautical Information Services Organisations [PDF 460 KB]

Comments closed 15 April 2021