Advisory Circulars provide explanatory information and examples of how to comply with Civil Aviation Rules.

Draft advisory circulars open for comment

AC00-X (draft) Electronic Signatures, Electronic Recordkeeping and Electronic Manuals [PDF 201 KB]

Comments close 27 April 2020 extended to 15 May 2020

Please send comments to:

Jeremy Mitchell
Flight Operations Inspector

AC61-3 (draft Revision 27) Pilot Licences and Ratings - Private Pilot Licence [PDF 2.1 MB]

Read in conjunction with NPRM 19-04 (Part 61 Private Pilot Licence Medical Review)

Comments close 27 January 2020

Please forward comments to:

John Parker
Aviation Examiner - Licensing and Flight Training

AC21-x (draft Revision 0) Flight Test Guidance [PDF 581 KB]

Comments close 10 January 2020

Please forward comments to:

Tim Dutton
Senior Technical Specialist – Flight Test Engineering 

AC21-11 & AC91-23 (draft Revision 1) Electrical Load Analysis [PDF 615 KB]

Comments close 13 November 2019

Please forward comments to:

Rens Molenaar
Airworthiness Engineer (Avionics)

Draft advisory circulars closed for comment

AC43-1 (draft Revision 5) Aircraft Maintenance [PDF 428 KB]

Comments closed 25 July 2019

Jonathan Mayne
Team Leader Airworthiness General Aviation

AC92-2 (draft Revision 2) Carriage of Dangerous Goods on Domestic VFR Flights in Unpressurised Aircraft not exceeding 5700 kg MCTOW [PDF 367 KB]

Revision 2 updates the dangerous goods items that are acceptable to carry by passengers on board for recreational or sporting activities; list of substance by class or division and examples of items; and emergency procedure to include the appropriate ATS unit in the communication of any dangerous goods on board.

Comments closed 12 Apr 2019

Kate Madden
Aeronautical Services Officer
Aeronautical Services