If you’re wanting to become a medical examiner, or you wish to maintain your designation, we have some helpful information below.

Becoming a medical examiner

To become a medical examiner, you must meet requirements under Part 67. They include:

(1)  is a medical practitioner; and
(2)  has −
(i)   successfully completed aviation medicine training acceptable to the Director; - this includes:

  • Completion of a post-graduate Diploma of Aviation Medicine from either the University of Otago or the Royal College of Physicians (London)
  • Completion of both the aviation physiology and clinical aviation medicine papers offered on a post-graduate basis by the University of Otago
  • Completion of MD Aviation Medicine from the University of Medical Sciences, Bangalore, India
  • Board Certification in Aviation Medicine (USA)

(ii)  successfully completed aviation regulatory medicine training acceptable to the Director; and
(iii)  demonstrated to the Director that he or she meets the relevant competencies set out in Appendix A; and

(3)  has access to clinical, administrative and communication facilities adequate for the purpose of carrying out medical examinations to the required standard in accordance with the medical manual; and
(4)  has a reasonable ability to communicate effectively in English; and
(5)  meets the exposition requirements in 67.163.

See Part 67 Medical Standards and Certification for further information.

Application for Delegation of the Director (Medical Examiner)

  1. Download and complete the CAA700 Application for Delegation of the Director [PDF 227 KB].
  2. Once your application has been accepted, you will be invited to attend aviation regulatory medicine training. Aviation regulatory medicine training is delivered by the CAA and held bi-annually

Maintaining your medical examiner designation

The requirements for continued compliance by medical examiners are stated in CAR Part 67.203. It includes the ongoing requirement for aviation medicine and regulatory medicine training.

It also requires an up-to-date exposition to be maintained and available for inspection. Medical examiners can generate their own personalised exposition online.

Medical examiner exposition website(external link)

Medical examiner resources

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